Two-dimensions, instalation, interventions

Life of Sergio (2011)

Semi-biographycal cartoon series for the blog.

The real world of English (2009)

Editorial project. Booklet in English to teach the lenguaje of the Democratic Security policy.

Place of transformation / hairdresser (2006)

Photography Series about hairdressers in Verbenal neighborhood.

Sensitivity Tour (2006)

Painting series.

Good clothing (2006)

Graduate work presented for the Fine arts degree from Universidad Nacional.

Homoexecutives (2005)

Photograph series.

Still lives (2005)

Painting series.

Doors (2003)

Painting series about doors from downtown Bogotá.

Fermín se fue a la guerra (2003)

Intervention on the building of Graphic Design for the temporary interventions exhibition.

Why not acting out in the open? (2003)

Photograph series of the intervention in Universidad Nacional.

Maligno (2002)

Digital book with photographs about Maligno, an Aterciopelados song.

Article 21st (2002)

Photograph and painting series related to Article 21st from Urbanidad de Carreño.