Translator and interpreter

• Since 2009 I have worked independently as a translator of texts from English to Spanish and viceversa for projects related to different organizations and companies. I have also served as an interpreter for international consultants who work in Bogotá. My clients include: El Instituto Nacional de Salud, La Liga Colombiana de Lucha Contra el Sida, La fundación Mentor, El Centro de Innovación, The Bariatric Center of Excellence, Fundación Synergia, Modinco, La universidad Santo Tomás.

• From April to December 2014 I participated in the team of translators, under the name of BILINGUAL CONTENT MANAGER, for Pearson Qualification International. The team was in charge of translating the complete documentation for the process of renewal of the curricular design of the National Learning Service (SENA for its acronym in Spanish). I also served as interpreter for the workshops conducted in Colombia by English consultants in the institution.

• Also during 2014 I translated the material required for the process of international certification of Ecopetrol and Reficar. Additionally, I worked as interpreter and traveled with the international consultants in their visits to schools and during the workshops offered for the Master Training from the NCCER (National Counsel for Construction Research and Education in the United States) in Cartagena and Bucaramanga.

• Durante 2015 I worked as TRANSLATOR for the projects of Pearson with Universidad de Santander.

• From September 2014 to May 2015 I worked as INTERPRETER for EVAL (Evaluation and analysis for learning). I accompanied the Harvard technical team from Harvard University during the process of evaluation of the Victims Unit (Unidad para las Víctimas).